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2004年の大統領選挙やってるねえ。読売新聞から科学技術分野の争点表とCNN.comから全体的な候補者の争点表をコピー。Ralph Nader氏を割愛。


George W. Bush
John Kerry
Civil Rights
Has both opposed and supported affirmative actionAffirmative ActionSupports affirmative action policies
Backs constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriageGay marriageAgainst gay marriage, backs benefits, rights for gay couples
Supports "don't ask, don't tell" policyGays in the militaryFavors allowing gay men and women to serve openly in military
Opposes gay adoptionsGay adoptionSupports adoption by gay men and lesbians
Opposes expanding federal law to cover sexual orientationHate crime legislationExpand federal hate crimes legislation, assure equal justice
Has ordered limited NMD system deployed by 2004National Missile DefenseOpposes NMD, supports nonproliferation and arms control
Has not proposed increasing the Army's sizeIncrease size of ArmyRecruit more service members; start Community Defense Svc.
Would increase military spending 4.2 percent to $380 billionProgram budgetsInvest in new equipment, technology; offer better pay, benefits
Environment & Energy
Favors opening refuge for gas and oil exploration, drillingDrilling in ANWROpposes oil exploration in Arctic refuge
Proposed $1.7 billion to develop hydrogen-powered fuel cellsAlternative fuelsPromotes clean, renewable fuel sources, especially ethanol
Supports market-based solution to improve air qualityEnergy policySet goals, incentives to reduce dependence on fossil fuels
Supports 1.5 mpg increase for SUVs, light trucks by 2007Gas mileage requirementsPush new gas requirements, hybrid cars, hydrogen fuel
Health Care
Supports reducing drug costs for low-income patientsDrug costsClose loopholes; financial incentives to lower drug costs
Introduce private sector competition to reduce costsMedicare solvencyFund all health care by rescinding tax cuts, cutting waste
Supports adding drug benefit to MedicarePrescription drugs benefitTighten rules on drug companies; focus on seniors, vets
Favors improving current system over government-based systemNationalized health careLet people buy into govt. system, fund by reversing Tax cuts
Would place limits on patient lawsuits against HMOsSue HMOsAllow patients to sue HMOs, collect money for damages
Homeland Security
Supports labeling of U.S. citizens as "enemy combatants"Enemy combatantsAgainst labeling U.S. citizens "enemy combatants"
Supports Patriot ActPatriot ActBacks letting act expire without congressional approval
Proposed increasing budget to enforce immigration lawsImmigrationSpeed immigration process; unite families; patrol borders
Homeland Security Dept. primary conduit of threat informationIntelligence agenciesReform domestic intelligence; start targeted alert system
International Policy
Authorized war to oust Saddam Hussein regimeWar in IraqSupported the war; later said Bush misled nation
Initially opposed U.N. involvement; now warming to ideaIraqi reconstructionInvolve other nations more in Iraqi rebuilding, security
Announced new policy of pre-emption in June 2002Pre-emption policyDenounces threat of pre-emption; would seek global consensus
More than $1 billion proposed for reconstructionAfghanistanBoost international efforts to secure peace, beat al Qaeda
Co-sponsored "Road map" plan for peace processMiddle EastImprove social, economic, political conditions in region
Social Issue
Opposes except cases of rape, incest or to save woman's lifeAbortionSupports a woman's right to an abortion; planning resources
Supports death penaltyDeath penaltyOpposes death penalty
Reduce illegal drug usage by 10 percent over two yearsDrug policyMore police; aggressively target traffickers; fund treatment
Protect gunmakers from lawsuitsGun controlClose gun show loophole; require child safety locks
Signed NCLB; federal budget has not fully funded legislationEducation reformBar vouchers; fully fund NCLB, special ed., school building
Has cited Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia as model justicesSupreme CourtAppoint judges committed to law, civil and abortion rights
Taxs & Spending
Supports investing some Social Security taxes in stocksSocial SecurityOpposes privatizing Social Security
Allocated funds to help states pay increased security costsState fiscal crisisGive priority to giving states fiscal aid to resolve crises
Signed two tax cut bills so far; more tax cuts unlikelyTax cutsRepeal tax cuts for wealthy; increase child tax credit
Reduce deficit by holding spending increases to 4 percentBudget deficitsUndo deficit trend with eye on corporate loopholes, spending
Says 2001, 2003 tax cuts have helped keep economy goingJob creationAssist small businesses; train workers; infrastructure jobs

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